How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note for Your Travel Tour Guide

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August 30, 2023

How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note for Your Travel Tour Guide

Going on a guided tour can be an amazing experience. A knowledgeable tour guide can really enhance your trip by providing context, stories, and insider information that allows you to get so much more out of visiting a new place. If you've just gotten back from a fantastic tour, one of the best ways to express your appreciation is to write your tour guide a thoughtful thank you note.

Today, we'll explore why taking the time to thank your tour guide is so important, provide tips for writing the perfect thank you message, and include thank you note examples and templates you can use. After reading, you'll know exactly how to craft a meaningful note to show your tour guide how much you appreciated their time and effort.

Why Send a Thank You Note to Your Tour Guide?

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With how hectic life can be today, it's easy to move on from a great experience like a guided tour without expressing your gratitude. But taking just a few minutes to say thank you to your tour guide is so worthwhile, for several reasons:

  • It's a thoughtful way to show your appreciation. Tour guides work hard to plan and lead great tours. Thanking them will make them feel valued.
  • It can encourage great service in the future. Your note may inspire your guide to continue providing such excellent tours for future travelers.
  • It can help future travelers. Many guides proudly display thank you notes. Your kind words might sway other travelers to take a tour with that guide.
  • It's good karma. Expressing gratitude leaves both you and your tour guide feeling happy and fulfilled.
  • It stands out. In an age of rushed communication, a handwritten thank you card or letter makes a big impression.
  • It may get you perks. Some tour companies reward guides for getting great customer feedback. Your note could lead to the guide getting a reward that motivates them even more.
  • It's simply the right thing to do. When someone does something nice for you, you should say thanks. It's common courtesy.

In short, taking a few minutes to write a thoughtful thank you note gives your tour guide a valued token of appreciation while also spreading positivity. So don't skip this gesture - you'll be glad you made the effort.

How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note

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While thank you notes take just a little time, composing one that really makes an impact does require forethought and effort. Follow these tips to craft the ideal thank you message for your tour guide:

1. Send it soon after your tour

To maximize the delight your note causes, send it soon after your tour ends while everything is still fresh in your mind. Shooting a quick email from the airport or writing a card from your hotel room lets your excitement and gratitude come through. If a little time has passed, just explain you've been meaning to write since you got home.

2. Use a handwritten card or letter when possible

In today's digital world, a handwritten thank you card or letter stands out - and shows you were willing to take the time to write a thoughtful message. It also makes keeping and displaying the note easier for your guide. If sending a handwritten note isn't realistic, an email is still appreciated.

3. Start by thanking them directly for the tour

Begin your note by directly thanking your guide for the excellent tour they provided. If you can, refer to them by name. Some examples:

  • Thank you so much for the fantastic tour of Charleston yesterday, Lee!
  • Hannah, I just wanted to thank you for the incredible tour through the Hermitage Museum.
  • Marco, thank you for providing such an amazing tour of Rome for our group last week!

Starting with a direct thank you sets a grateful tone from the beginning.

4. Mention a few specific things you appreciated

Go beyond a generic thank you by mentioning one or two things your guide did that really enhanced your experience. Did they share great stories? Help you discover hidden gems? Make key sightseeing arrangements? Mentioning a few specifics makes your note more meaningful.

5. Share the impact the tour had on you

Letting your guide know about the difference their tour made gives them a sense of purpose. You might explain how much you learned, how your experiences were deepened, or how they brought a destination to life for you. Be specific about the moments and sights that really made an impression.

6. Say you’ll recommend them in the future

It means a lot to guides to know you’ll recommend them to friends and family if they ever visit the same place. Saying you'd book another tour with them or request them again next time reassures them about the great job they did.

7. Add a memorable quote or fun memory

Did your guide say something funny or have an insightful quote that stuck with you? Including a quote or fun memory from your time together personalizes your note and reminds them of the rapport you built. Just a sentence or two creates a nice touch.

8. Close with a final gracious statement

End your thank you letter on another grateful note, perhaps expressing hope you’ll travel together again or that they’ll continue enlightening travelers. Some closing examples:

  • Thanks again for everything! You're fantastic at what you do.
  • I’m so grateful we had you as our guide. You made the trip unforgettable!
  • I hope our paths cross again sometime. All the best!

With a thoughtful closing sentence, you can wrap up your note warmly and memorably.

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Thank You Note Examples and Templates

Reading sample thank you notes can help spark ideas for your own message. Here are a few thank you card examples you could adapt:

Example 1

Dear James,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful tour of Berlin you provided us last week. Thanks to your vast knowledge of the city and passion for sharing it, our family got so much more out of our time there. I especially appreciated learning the history behind so many of the sights and hearing your stories about growing up in the city.

Our favorite memory was when you arranged for us to meet that street artist in the East Side Gallery and see him working on adding to the wall. That made such an impression on the kids and was something we never would have experienced without you. Please know we’ll be recommending your tours to anyone we know visiting Berlin in the future! You really made our trip extraordinary.

With gratitude, Alice

Example 2

Hey Amanda!

I'm back home from the amazing long weekend in New Orleans you showed us around. I just had to take a minute to properly thank you for the spectacular tour. Your knowledge of the food scene totally made the trip - Anthony and I definitely would've missed out on all those incredible restaurants without your guidance! Plus, your stories about the city's history brought everything to life for us in a way we never could've gotten from a normal tour.

Thanks for making what could've been just another weekend getaway into a truly unforgettable New Orleans experience. We'll be suggesting your tours to anyone we know heading your way. Please keep doing what you do so well!

Gratefully, Jane

Example 3


What an absolute pleasure it was exploring Yosemite with you this past weekend! Thank you immensely for serving as our guide and introducing us to the wonders of the park.

Your passion for Yosemite came through in every fascinating story and trail recommendation. Thanks to you, our hike up to Vernal Falls became a history lesson, nature walk, and photography class all rolled into one. And you didn't just show us the popular sights - those hidden gems like the wildflower meadow and glacier-carved valleys made this trip so special.

We couldn't have asked for a more knowledgeable, patient, and caring guide to make our Yosemite adventure everything we hoped for. I'll be sure to request you next time I visit the park and will spread the word about your excellent tours.

Warmly, Brandon

Thank You Note Template

Use this template as a guide to write your own thank you note:


Dear [guide name],

Opening sentence directly thanking them for giving the tour.

Sentence about something you especially appreciated that they did on the tour (sharing great stories, arranging experiences, etc).

Detail on how the tour enhanced your trip or what you learned thanks to their expertise.

Mention you'll recommend them to others visiting the same place in the future.

Optional sentence with a fun memory or meaningful quote that stood out.

Closing sentence thanking them again for everything.

[Your name]

Remember the Importance of Thanking Your Guide

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The tips and examples above should help you craft a thoughtful, memorable note your tour guide will genuinely appreciate receiving. While it's easy to forget, taking just a few minutes to write a thank you card or email after your trip wraps up is such a considerate gesture with so many benefits.

Beyond expressing your personal gratitude, thanking great guides helps encourage exceptional service for future travelers as well. Remembering the effort your guide put into making your tour special and letting them know you appreciate it is the right thing to do. Plus, imagining their smile when reading your gratitude will surely make your day brighter as well.

So next time you take an amazing tour, be sure not to miss the opportunity to send your guide a heartfelt thank you message. The little time this takes is repaid manifold in goodwill - for your guide, the tour company, and the whole travel industry. The end result of brighter days for both you and your guide is well worth it.

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